Subject RE: [IBO] .AutoFetchAll
Author Jason Wharton

Try playing with the RecordCountAccurate property.

Doing it this way gives you the clean scrolling that you want that adjusts
as more records are brought into the buffer.

Jason Wharton

> Right now, my tIBOQuery.AutoFetchAll = False.
> this query ends up displaying in a grid and i use the .RecordCount
> for a good number of functions (yes, it's a converted BDE app).
> IBO 4.6A and D6
> Generally the user has a filter (SQL Where clause) applied that
> limits this to a small number of 100's of records perhaps worst case
> 2000. (this from a table with at most 100,000 records)
> Sometimes (though rarely and if they do, they'd expect to wait) it
> may be 75,000 records returning.
> Here's my questions
> 1) I want the scroll bar of the grid displaying the query to work
> like it should visually (ie. be scaled properly and have proper
> perspective when the user is scrolling with it) and .RecordCOunt to
> be correct. Do I have to have .AutoFetchAll = True?
> 2) how badly will .AutoFetchAll = True mess with the users wait
> times?
> 3) IF i set .MaxRows to something like 100, does this mean when
> they're scrolling, groups of 100 rows will be brought in as the user
> scrolls but the .RecordCount and grid's scroll bars will work fine?
> any other suggestions welcome.
> kelly chikmoroff