Subject Re: [IBO] User access in delhi
Author multipenth
1. My user grants are made on Firebird
I have created tables for the user grants structure including
which column the diff user is allowed to update.
I'm using TIB_Query and generated Editsql, InsertSql and DeleteSql

2. The users connect via the TIB_Connection.

I expect that the forms will react acccording the users grants on
the database.
a)The DBcomponents will be readonly if the user is not allowed to
update the column.
b)And the TIB_UpdateBar will not allow insert according no insert

My challenge is to address <datamodule>.<querynavn> dynamic for
changing editsql, insertSql and DeleteSql to avoid the no write/ no
update perm... error for some users.

Do you know how I can address <datamodule>.<querynavn> by variables,
which I can find in my tables?


--- In, Helen Borrie <helebor@...> wrote:
> This is a very confused question. Perhaps you should start again.
> 1. Tell us about your "user grants".
> 2. Tell us how your users connect to the database from your
application code.
> And you should probably try to explain what you expected, versus
> you encountered instead.
> Helen