Subject Re: [IBO] User access in delhi
Author Helen Borrie
At 05:19 PM 3/08/2007, Pia wrote:
>Hi All.
>After spending a lot of not successful time on the internet I hope
>some of you can help me, a new user of Delphi.
>My delphi-appl does not reflect my user grants on Firebird. I
>receive the no write/ no update ... error.
>I've tried to do my own dynamic code to control the user access in
>the forms by changing the queries editsql etc., but I cannot manage
>to address <datamodule>.<query> dynamically.
>Maybe one of you can tell me how to dynamic address a query in a
>datamodule by variables?
>I'm using TIB_Connection and TIB_Query.
>Do you know about an IBObject taking care of this?

This is a very confused question. Perhaps you should start again.

1. Tell us about your "user grants".

2. Tell us how your users connect to the database from your application code.

And you should probably try to explain what you expected, versus what
you encountered instead.