Subject RE: [IBO] IB Objects 4.3Aa and Firebird 1.5
Author Jason Wharton
> Thank you to Thomas SteinMaurer for his answers concering IB Objects
> nad fireBird 2.0. It seems from these that converting to FireBird 2.0
> may be quite an involved process for us.
> With this in mind, it may be simpler in the short term for us to go
> over to FireBird 1.5 (as that it still available and, I assume,
> supported). Can anyone confirm for me whether or not IB Objects 4.3Aa
> is compatible with fireBird 1.5, please?
> Thanks in advance,
> Stuart Hunt.

There are likely other issues and as long as you are taking the time to
convert up to the newer version you just as well do the whole job on one
shot. IBO 4.7 Build 16 was a "close but not quite" release. There have
been many bugs fixed in the latest and I highly recommend upgrading to it.

Also, Firebird 2 is really worth upgrading to as well.

Jason Wharton