Subject Re: [IBO] IB Objects v4.3Aa compatibility with FireBird 2.0
Author Thomas Steinmaurer

> I'm a long time user of IB Objects. We are currently using version
> 4.3Aa, very happily, and don't really want to have to upgrade unless
> necessary. I am, however, less than happy with Borland and InterBase
> 7.1, and am looking at converting over to FireBird 2.0.
> Can anyone tell me if this version of IB Objects is compatible with
> FireBird 2.0, please?


If it is not, then waht version do I need to be
> able to use fireBird 2.0?

For basic support, you need at least IBO 4.7 Build 16, AFAIK, but as you
need to upgrade anyway, simply use the latest release, which is IBO 4.8
build 4, AFAIK.

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