Subject Re: [IBO] Re: Debugging with C++ Builder 6
Author Ngigi Waithaka
If I am not wrong I once had something equivalent to the problem you have, I can't remember exactly how I sorted it out, but I think it was something to do with the IDE Editor (Fonts settings etc etc) Just check on this, it could be something worth the while looking at.

Ngigi Waithaka

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Sent: Wednesday, August 1, 2007 11:13:10 PM
Subject: [IBO] Re: Debugging with C++ Builder 6


To pin things down more, I've built the packages again, then used the

package IBO4CRT_C6.bpl in my project. I used the sysinternals utility

Filemon to check which tds files the BCB IDE was opening. In my

source, I step into the line:

n = dset->Fields- >ByName(" QUANTITY" )->AsInteger;

I get to

function TIB_BDataset. GetFields: TIB_Row;

in IB_Components. pas. I see using the Modules window and the CPU view

of the IDE that I'm executing code in

$(BCB)\Project\ Bpl\IBO40CRT_ C6.bpl as expected and that the IDE has

accessed the IBO40CRT_C6. tds debug symbol file that was just built as

well. When that function returns, I can see by CPU view that the code

goes to TIB_Row::ByName through the jump table, still in

IBO40CRT_C6. bpl, but the source code view has me at line 41179 which

has a comment.

My conclusion is that since I'm executing code that was just built by

the IDE, and that the IDE is using the tds file it just built, the

problem has got to be with the building of that tds file.

I was hoping to use the source as a way to learn better how IBObjects

is working, so this is a bit frustrating.


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> Please look over your hard disk carefully (use Windows Search all

files and

> folders) for other versions of the DCU's that might be on the disk and

> causing the confusion. If you delete any outdated DCU files that

will help.

> Perhaps others who use CPPB more will have additional ideas.


> Jason


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> > Subject: [IBO] Debugging with C++ Builder 6

> >

> >

> > I've built all IBO packages from source, and even if I include

> > IB_Components. pas in my project (bpr) file, debugging symbol

> > information seems to be scrambled. When I step through code in

> > IB_Components. pas the execution point will be at comments and other

> > illogical places.

> >

> > How can I get a correct build so that debugging through the IBO source

> > will work correctly.

> >



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