Subject RE: [IBO] Incsearch, null value, Firebird 2, troubleshooting
Author Jason Wharton

> I am working with Ibojects 4.7 release 16 and Firebird 2. I have a
> problem with incremental searching in a column where there are null
> values, the search is not done. I saw in the forum that this
> problem was present 2 years ago but normally resolved in
> version 4.5 of the ibojects. Is it Firebird 2 ?

I'm glad you are raising this issue...

I believe there have been some changes in the sorting of NULL columns. Or,
at the very least, the ability to influence the sorting of NULL column

I have not as yet made IBO fully aware of all the various NULL sorting
options. This will cause null values to have a potentially problematic
effect on incremental searching.

I'll add this to my list of issues to look further into. At the very least
it should be documented as a limitation of IBO.

Jason Wharton