Subject RE: [IBO] Debugging with C++ Builder 6
Author Jason Wharton
Please look over your hard disk carefully (use Windows Search all files and
folders) for other versions of the DCU's that might be on the disk and
causing the confusion. If you delete any outdated DCU files that will help.
Perhaps others who use CPPB more will have additional ideas.


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> Subject: [IBO] Debugging with C++ Builder 6
> I've built all IBO packages from source, and even if I include
> IB_Components.pas in my project (bpr) file, debugging symbol
> information seems to be scrambled. When I step through code in
> IB_Components.pas the execution point will be at comments and other
> illogical places.
> How can I get a correct build so that debugging through the IBO source
> will work correctly.