Subject Re: [IBO] Saving and loading queries FieldIndex and FieldDisplayWidth values
Author Elmar Knoerzer
Hallo Andreas,

it's a good idea. But if i try to override doBeforeOpen in my
descendant of ib_query, i get an invalid statement handle.

Could you give me a short snippet, where i have to hook in?

Regards Elmar

--- In, Andreas Pohl <apohl@...> wrote:
> Hallo Elmar Knoerzer,
> > Hi,
> > it's easy to save and load queries FieldIndex and FieldDisplayWidth
> > values with commatext.
> >
> > Now i like to make a descendant of TIB_Query to do this automatically.
> take a look to DoBeforeOpen() and DoBeforeClose() of TIB_Query;
> I subclassed TIB_Query and TIB_Connection and introduced events
> TIBP_Connection.OnBeforeIBPQueryOpen and
> TIBP_Connection.OnBeforeIBPQueryClose to load and save settings.
> HTH.
> --
> Andreas