Subject Re: [IBO] Recalculating a records fields
Author Ed Dressel
> if you invalidaterow on the master record you'll refresh just that
> single master record. That will also force a recalc of that record.
> Your wish, however depends on whether you are using the IBO oncalc
> event or the server calc column.

Thanks Alan.

I am using it at the client.

I use the following call


but this causes all of the rows to be recalculated--I can tell because
I have the following code in the qryClients.OnCalcFields event:

CodeSite.Write('ClientCalcFieldsCount', FClientCalcFieldsCount);

I am using a bit of an older version of IBO (4.6a)--never had a reason
to upgrade.

Should I be doing something differently?

Ed Dressel