Subject Re: [IBO] Message from Jason
Author Jason Wharton
(Here is the response I typed to this question.)

> I have to put a third to this. It has been too long. It would
> be nice to have a release with D2007 support out of the box.

It is true I am struggling right now to keep up.
I don't want to bore with the details or excuses.

I value IBO and want to keep it fully viable and realize I am
damaging it by not being on top of things better.

Some here have made efforts to help and I really appreciate them.
I've always intended that IBO be a community effort to some extent
because the vast majority of people using IBO are doing so under
terms of the Trustware license.

This limits my income to such an extent that aside from one staff
assistant I cannot afford other help. For IBO to remain fully
viable I will need a continuation of support and assistance from the

Of late very little help has been offered in comparison to the
amount of demands being placed on me. Normally I don't mind because
I love to work on IBO and I take pride in its quality, etc. But,
for the past few months I have had tremendously heavy issues to face
and I am more reliant upon community efforts right now.

Please realize it is not my intention to neglect IBO and that any
assistance would be greatly appreciated. I am doing my level best
and will have the 4.8 release out official as soon as possible.
There is a beta already out on the trustware site that can be loaded
into D2007 if you want it let me know.

Kind regards,
Jason L Wharton