Subject TIB_Grid
Author Renato Miranda
Hi List,

I use a TIB_Grid in wich one of the columns is a TIB_LookupCombo. The contents of the combo are selected through the TIB_Query linked:

select v.cod_id,
(select c.nome from clientes c where (c.cli_id = v.cli_id) as cli_descr, // combo
from vendas v
order by v.cod_id desc
for update

The column cli_descr is one of the OrderingItems of the query. It is shown correctly in the grid, but does not accept the click on the title to change order.

The error message:

"Project Bean.exe raised exception class EIB_ISCError with message 'ISC ERROR CODE: 335544569

Dynamic SQL error
SQL error code = -206
Column unknown
At line 27, column 20.
'. Process stopped. Use step or run to continue."

Am I doing somethig wrong or it is not possible to order by columns like this ?

Thanks in advance,


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