Subject Re: [IBO] Firebird 2.1 beta has been released - is IBO keeping up?
Author Carlos H. Cantu (TeamFB)
MT> I am, once again, sorry I have to push you hard Jason, but from a
MT> business point-of-view, IBO is currently lacking... Database Workbench
MT> customers are STILL waiting for a Firebird 2.0 ready release due to
MT> IBO not fully supporting Firebird 2!!

Jason, unfortunately I have to agree with Martijn. My customers are
still stuck with FB 1.5 due to IBO lacking full/stable FB 2.0 support.

Firebird project wants to short the release cycles, so probably new FB
versions will pop up in shorter time from now, and it is a must for us
(IBO users) that IBO keep in sync with them.

Cantu (Membro do TeamFB - FireBase)
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