Subject RE: [IBO] Slow Fetch 100,000 records table
Author Alan McDonald
> Hi all,
> I have a table with 100000 rows, primary key is VARCHAR(15) and
> Description COLUMN is varchar(60). Character Set Win1250, Firebird 2.0
> IBO 4.4 build 16.
> In design time fetching all the records lasts 2 s., but in the runtime
> it lasts 15 secs. What could be the problem.
> (Simple query Select COl1, COl2 From Table).
> In IB expert it is under 2 secs.
> Rade

In IBExpert and Design time, the database schema is already loaded when you
execute the query.
At runtime, I imagine that you execute this query as your opening statement
so the schema has to be loaded first.
But I suppose the real question is why would you ever want to load 100000
rows in one hit? What's the user ever going to do with 100000 rows?
Next you could make sure that the keylinks is set correctly, autofetchall is
OFF and then it depends what control you are trying to load. IB_Grid will
only fill the local buffer if you ask it nicely.