Subject RE: [IBO] Animations during slow sqls
Author Jason Wharton
> Code gear / Microsoft have changed the way TAnimate works.
> It used to be threaded but now simply uses a timer in the
> main thread. There are valid reasons for this however it
> is causing me some minor problems.
> Previously when running an sql that is slow (compley SQL,
> small number of results), I have simply run an animation
> and displayed a wait message. However the Animate now
> freezes while the query is run. You can get around this
> sort of problem in delphi code by running
> application.processmessages in long running code, but I am
> not sure how to handle it in a Query. Should I be looking
> at using the callback stuff or is their something simpler?

I don't think you would get smooth enough message processing so I would look
for another solution for this.

Jason Wharton