Subject Re: [IBO] IBOAdmin to backup/restore a Firebird database
Author rob2xx2
Good day to you all from the Rob With The Very Bad Etiquette, for
which I apologise. I made a mistake and posted to the FB support forum
before I saw the admonition not to post queries about 3rd party tools
- so immediately deleted the post. Evidently not before it was
broadcast. Sorry.

So thank you all (including Woody over on IB Support - I'd better not
post this twice ;-) ) for your prompt and helpful comments.


--- In, Robert martin <rob@...> wrote:
> Thats Rob2xx2 Helen is referring to , not Rob Martin (who tries to have
> nice eti kitti)!
> > To "rob" who posted the original message, please be aware that it is
> > very bad list etiquette to cross-post.
> >
> > Helen