Subject Re: [IBO] Handling error messages in a single point of the application
Author Carlos H. Cantu (TeamFB)
Thanks Roger!

Unfortunatelly I'm not starting from scratch, but if I find no way to
do that in the Connection OnError, probably I will have to do
something like you are doing.

Cantu (Membro do TeamFB - FireBase)
FireBase -

RV> I handle error messages in the OnError event of IB_Connection. However,
RV> I could find no way to get information about the specific table at this
RV> point.
RV> So I have a generic OnError for all the queries, which handles
RV> query-specific errors with more informative messages, including table
RV> name, and sometimes with a dialog for a user decision. I dynamically
RV> assign the OnError to the queries in code. If starting from scratch, I
RV> would create my own versions of TIB_Cursor, TIB_Query etc, with the
RV> OnError pre-assigned, (and with extra methods such as SafePost,
RV> SafeEdit, FormatDisplayNames, RemoveNullsBeforePost,
RV> SetDecimalPlacesDisplay, PrepareIfUnpreparedAndOpen etc) and use these
RV> throughout.
RV> Roger Vellacott
RV> Passfield Data Systems Ltd