Subject Re: Is Turbo Pro well for IBO and Firebird ?
Author boro_id
--- In, "Jason Wharton" <supportlist@...> wrote:
> Boris,
> > can Turbo Delphi Pro work with Firebird using IBO ? What about
> > dbaware componets like dbgrids dblookups, etc. ?
> > I need client/server access for local networks and also remote
> > connections to the database via internet.
> >
> > I found 5-6 threads about Turbo Pro in this group but no one stating
> > clearly (for me, sorry) whether Turbo Pro is enough.
> Should do just great.
> You only need the TIBODataset module if you are going to stay with the
> TDataset based components.
> If your network is slow when not on the LAN you may experience a
less than
> desirable latency but it depends on what you are doing.
> Jason
to describe you what I am doing - I need inventory and orders
application. I assume about up to 20 simultan users, 10 in average.
Application should provide grids with inventory data, orders data but
also grids with customer data and grids with financial data as
calculated turnovers, profits, many reports etc. I guess the amount of
data will be up-to 1000 transactions per day, 400 in average.

Client environments should be windows platform for client win32
applications, mostly winXP. Later also web clients created with
Intraweb. Firebird database server should run either on a server by
ISP provider (maybe Linux server or Windows if required) or in a LAN
on a Windows server ocasionally on a Linux server. Maybe also even on
a winXP station only in a peer-to-peer network for some smaller
configurations. I don't know whether FB in a peer-to-peer is possible.

For configurations with internet connection to the remote Firebird
server, there will be possibly ADSL with 10024/256 kbps used. Maybe
later also some client PDA devices with possibly slower connection
speed, but they should not produce much data.

Is for this intention good choice FB and IBO and Turbo Delphi Pro ?