Subject Re: [IBO] Connection with tcp_ip protocol
Author Woody
From: "hypmarie23" <mariematignon@...>
> I just solved my problem :
> It was because of GDS32.DLL in SYSTEM32. At the installation, I had
> renamed FBBCLIENT.DLL in GDS32.DLL and so I had GDS32.DLL (same as
> Now I have only FDBCLIENT.DLL and it works with TCP_IP AND LOCAL.
> What is the correct way to deal with these dlls if I want to use
> Interbase also ?

Glad you worked it out. As I said, I have taken to using the embedded client
file with all my installations placed in the program directory. I have
installations still running Interbase, some running Firebird and one
strictly embedded FB. I get consistent results no matter where I've
installed my programs. So far, at least. (fingers crossed) :-)

Woody (TMW)