Subject Re: [IBO] Connection with tcp_ip protocol
Author Woody
From: "hypmarie23" <mariematignon@...>
> --- In, Stefan Heymann <lists@...> wrote:
>> > Check the value of the FIREBIRD variable.
>> > Try pinging localhost.
>> > Try telnet-ing to it.
>> + Try using an all-lowercase Alias (in aliases.conf and in your
>> connection properties)
> It doesn't change any thing.

This problems sounds almost like you have two different alias.conf files. I
normally use the embedded FB client in the program directory so I can switch
to local easy if testing on a machine without FB installed or running. That
means I have an alias.conf file in the program directory when running
locally and one in the Firebird directory when running over TCPIP. Could
this be a problem for you as well?

Woody (TMW)