Subject Re: [IBO] Connection with tcp_ip protocol
Author Helen Borrie
At 08:54 PM 23/03/2007, you wrote:

> > Still....because you say you had the same problem
> > with ISQL, one is tempted to suspect that the
> > database file is not in the place where you think
> > it re-checking the spelling of
> > everything would be a worthwhile exercise if you haven't already
>done that.
> >
>The alias 'cocagnePROD' from aliases.conf works with a local protocol.
>The database is at the right place.
>It is as if when changing for TCP_IP protocol, the file aliases.conf
>cannot be found. Could it be possible ?

If you are *really* using the Firebird 1.5 Server and the Firebird
1.5 client then no.

Check the value of the FIREBIRD variable.

Try pinging localhost.

Try telnet-ing to it.