Subject Re: [IBO] Problems with searching and filtering
Author Antti Kurenniemi
>> Searching for "adag" will correctly find "Adagio and
>> Sons", but if you enter "adagio" as the search criteria,
>> it will stop at "Ad-Astra Corporation" which is wrong.
> There isn't anything more I can do about the sorting
> problem.

I don't understand why. This works as expected with FIBPlus and UIB, only
IBO does it differently.

>> Invalid syntax: extra or missing parenthesis:
>> (
>> id in ( select, customerid, from, custtoclass,
>> where, classid, in, (, 1, 2 )
>> )
>> )
> I am working on a new sub-release and this issue will be resolved.

That's great.

> For the time being, as a workaround preface a direct SQL filter
> with ::SQL:: (see help file for exact syntax) and you can avoid
> IBO doing any parsing of the filter itself. It will just patch in your
> filter as direct SQL in the WHERE clause.

Thanks, I'll give it a go - I hadn't noticed that possibility at all.

Antti Kurenniemi