Subject Re: [IBO] Read Only Role Implementation
Author Helen Borrie
At 02:00 PM 16/03/2007, you wrote:
>Does anyone know the fastest, simplest way for an application to acquire a
>readonly role?
>Create the Role OK, give the role readonly access (SELECT and REFERENCE) OK
>But for all IBO components which autogenerate UPDATE sql, the sql is
>prepared when you open the select query and thus raises an exception
>Previously I have done things like force all components to have custom SQL
>and a role logon triggers a clearing of all SQL properties of all
>Perhaps there's a faster way to avoid all queries preparing?

You want the queries to prepare. You just don't want IBO to prepare
the XxxxSQL. The easiest thing will be to set the RequestLive
property at run-time. You have access to the login role name during
the session so that won't be rocket science by any means.

i.e. if Uppercase(YourConnection.LoginSQLRole) <> 'LURKER' then ...