Subject Re: [IBO] OnGetCanScroll without exception
Author Woody
From: "tomjanczkadao" <tomjancz@...>
> I don't want changes made to dataset to be Auto-Posted if user scrolls
> the dataset (eg accidentally by clicking on the grid). Either Abort
> scroll if dataset is in dssEdit/dssInsert or Cancel changes before scroll.
> I've just found that First/Last DO fire OnBeforeScroll but
> unfortunately Posts chagnes before fire OnBeforeScroll - is it a bug??.

Why not just use the BeforePost event? I generally use an update flag
boolean when I need control like this.

AllowPosting: boolean;

AllowPosting := false;

in the BeforePost event:

if not AllowPosting then
AllowPosting := false;

Whenever you want to allow the data to be saved, simply set AllowPosting to

Woody (TMW)