Subject BDE Emulation problem with cached updates insert
Author Randal W. Carpenter
Hi All,

I have a couple of questions:

1. I just installed ibo 4.7 build 16 into cpp builder 6 enterprise, which
is the first time I have tried 4.x for bde replacement. I followed the
instructions for search and replace for my bde components and fired up my

What I found is that it comes up with
EIB_DatasetError: Cannot Insert a new Row

During any insert attempt (manual or automatic) all my important IBOQuery
based queries. I looked in the IBOUpdates related for each one, and the
insert query is there. At that point I copied my insert query from an
IBOUpdates component directly into the IBOQuery InsertSQL, and the problem
goes away.

So is the IBOUpdates object being ignored due to a bug or did I miss
something in my extensive skim reading? Can I expect clientdatasets to
behave any better?

2. If I decide against converting bde stuff to ibo via the emulation
components, can I expect to be able to run native ibo objects/controls in
the application beside bde objects/controls without any strangeness going
on? If this works I might do a slow stead conversion to native ibo when I
am bored.