Subject Re: [IBO] executing already or not in passive mode
Author Helen Borrie
At 11:22 AM 11/03/2007, you wrote:
>You are right the script scTireMan tries to execute twice!! but how is
>this possible with this code?What is wrong with my code?
>start2 never gets executed
>with TireServer do
> Showmessage('start');
> if not FileExists('tireman.FDB') then
> begin
> Showmessage('start1');
> scTireMan.Execute;
> Showmessage('start2');
> end;
>when is executes scTireMan goes back to start and tries to execute the
>script a 2nd time
>I'm really confused with this can someone help

Yes, because I think your code is confused and your script is
confused. (And your code sure confuses me!)

In your BeforeConnect, you are doing this test:

with TireServer do
if not FileExists('tireman.FDB') then

But your script is creating this database:

PASSWORD 'newgen'
page_size = 4096;

Why not change your FileExists call to look for the database file in
the place where your script would have created it?

if not FileExists('c:\TIRE-MAN-NEW\TireMan.FDB') then