Subject Re: [IBO] Importing data from duplicate database
Author Ed Dressel
> If you are saying that the PKs are going to be generated in more
> than one database and you have to synch them, then the only
> way to guarantee uniqueness is to prefix all PKs with a unique
? ID from each database. You can't copy a record over and change
> it's PK/FK value and expect to ensure
> uniqueness across DBs. There would also be no way for one
> database to know that the other database has the same record
> but that it has a different PK value. You have to maintain the
> same values across all copies. Therefore, the only way to do
> that is for each database to generate it's own PK value
> only for new records it creates, not for imported ones.

Thanks. I understand that. All my PK/FKs are intergers, so this
doesn't really work. I plan on importing the data and the importing
structure to know about the relationshionships.

Thanks for the help.

Ed Dressel