Subject RE: [IBO] syncing databases
Author Jason Wharton

> I am looking at various solutions of brief-case modeling for my FB
> database, so that someone can walk away with their laptop, work on the
> database and re-sync next time they need to.
> I know IBO has one--I havent used it but was looking for comments.

With IBO you would have to write the piece to reconcile on your own.

Simple replication would likely not be sufficient.

> How much work does it require for the DB?
> Also, is anyone using it?
> What additional features/benefits are there for using it? I am
> comparing it against Data Abstract (a RemObjects solution) and also IB
> Experts has a soluttion for it.

I don't know a lot about these other products. If what you need is a focus
of these products then they could likely be very helpful. The only drawback
I can think of is your client would be written using their client dataset
tools so you would have to likely use standard TDataset based components and
controls. If you want your client written using the native IBO controls
then you would likely not be able to use their products.

Jason Wharton