Subject Re: [IBO] Transaction Commit Problem
Author Helen Borrie
At 02:46 AM 8/03/2007, you wrote:
>I have a form that displays data from the database. It has an edit
>button that enables the field inputs on the form to be editable and
>also starts a transaction. If you click edit it displays two more
>buttons a Cancel and a Save button.

This sounds kinda wrong. An open dataset is already in a
transaction. Your edit button should simply put the dataset into
edit mode. Then save should post the work, or cancel should abort
it. Either one will return the dataset to browse mode. At some point
during the editing task, you will want to commit the transaction.

>Here is my problem if you use this form over and over again the Commit
>time seems to take longer and longer.

What is "over and over again"? 100 edits? 10,000? At what point do
you commit? i.e. what event prompts a commit?

>Closing the form and opening it
>back up does not speed it up at all. You have to close the application
>and reopen and then it builds up again to eventually take longer and
>longer each time.
>Is this a known issue? Has anyone seen this before?
>Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Help us by showing the code that runs when those buttons are clicked
and describing the event where you commit the transaction. Also
indicate the transaction settings of the various transactions.