Subject RE: [IBO] syncing databases
Author Jason Wharton
> > Actually, IBO doesn't have a briefcase at all.
> > I only have cached updates
> > but they require a live connection with
> > the database in order to retrieve
> > data as needed.
> Maybe it was a bit different... I thought you sent me a demo to show
> how to sync two databases, which is quite different then brief case
> model, but could be used that way.
> Do you have something like that or is my memory really that bad?<g>

Oh, yes of course, that would work as a briefcase model because you would be
working with a separate local version of a database and then you would write
your own process to reconcile the two databases. This absolutely could be
done using Firebird and IBO and no other program.

Good point!

I was hung up thinking of some kind of client dataset application.

Jason Wharton