Subject Re: [IBO] IBO4.8 ib_components.pas file missing
Author irogla
Ok, thanks for the quick answer.

I'm currently moving from intrbase to firebird, and from ibx to ibo.
In interbase/ibx I manually started a transaction every time I did
some db operation, then I commited it.

When moving to firebird/ibo i'm not 100% sure if I should do the same
or not. So I tried doing the same as before, but the problem was
transactions were already open and I tried to open it again etc. This
caused an error, and an error message popped up: a small window saying
it couldn't find ib_components.pas. I think the error system wanted to
pinpoint the error in this file. I simply thought it was something
else, but now i understand.

I just have to learn more exactly how to deal with transactions with
FB/IBO and what components to use.

Do anyone have a link for a good guide about these stuff?

// Johan

> IBO is components: in the Eval version, everything is already
compiled for you. As you said, the design-time and run-time libraries
(.bpl) and the compiled units (.dcu) are there...even if you purchase
the modules, you will have to compile them before you use them.
> With the Eval version, if you compile a project and run your
executable outside of the IDE, a modal nag dialog appears. This is
intentional. You also won't be able to run your application if you
compile it as a library using the Eval version, since it will stop
when it hits that modal dialog.
> Helen