Subject Re: [IBO] D7 and FastReport2.53 vcl
Author irogla
I got this error message:

Can't load package c:\program\borland\delphi7\projects\bpl\fribx7.bpl

when trying to compile the fr7.dpk package you sent me.

// Johan

--- In, "Dmitriy A. Beloshistov" <torin@...>
> >My original package file, FR7.dpk, requires stuff I don't have.
> >What more confuses me is that I compiled the package last year and
I haven't changed anything since, and now I can't compile it.
> > Why? It`s package for IBO 3.6.x. Check correct {$IFDEF xxxx}
> definition. You must define IBO40xxxx or IBO_xxx but NO BOTH! Don`t
save FR7.dpk from Delphi IDE. IDE remove all {$ifdef ....} from dpk.
> >Is this the stuff in What's the difference between IBO40xxx
and IBO_xxx?
> Oh ;) IBO_xxx - package from IBO v3.x (very old)...
> Take package FR7.dpk and FR.INC from my private message for you and
try recompile....
> >I just want to be able to use IBO and fast report, why is it so hard?
> In readme from FR included hint - don`t save package from IDE!