Subject Generators don't increment anymore
Author Arn
>There are many ways in which generators are used in IBO.
>I need more information about what exactly you are doing.

>Are you using the GeneratorLinks property?

>Jason Wharton

Hi Jason, thanks for the post.

I have solved.

In my db I use a domain name ( INTERI = INTEGER ) INTERI is the domain.

I put in connection default values INTERI=0.

In GeneratorLinks I put eg: COMUNE.MYCODE=GEN_COMUNI_ID

In previous Ibo version, Generator OVERWRITE the default so it took the
RIGHT value from the database.

In last version 4.8.7 DON'T overwrite the default value, so my generator
field was always fill with zero( the default value )

I have solved doing another domain INTERI_NO_MYCODE and use it for
integers other than primary key.

Thanks to all have loose time....