Subject RE: [IBO] Fb 2.1 "thrusted authentication"
Author Jason Wharton

> How can I use Fb 2.1 thrusted authentication with IBO?
> The Release Notes state:
> Simply omitting the user and password parameters from the DPB/SPB will
> automatically cause Windows Trust-
> ed User authentication to be applied, in almost all cases.
> But I don't think these can be omitted in IBO, can they?

I believe if they are not present that I do not include them in the DPB.
Watch out for environment variables in the local machine because I will pick
them up and put them in the DPB if they are present.

Try it and let us know. Also, the code is rather simple where I put
together the DPB and you can override this if you want to and create your

Jason Wharton