Subject RE: [IBO] IB_JPegImage - Dragging Image from Win explorer and dropping on IB_JPegImage
Author Jason Wharton
> The End user is browsing his data, on a form.
> On this form there is a IB_JpegImage.
> Currently there is no Image loaded for this specific record viewed.
> Usually we would put the dataset into insert mode, thus I added the
> Updatebar for the IB_JpegImage specifically.
> The dialogue to load image would come up, and they load the
> image, and post
> changes.
> But now the user notices, that he can drag, and drop from
> External source ..
> this is much easier, than browsing for the image in a dialogue.
> The first time he or she adds an image this way .. ie the
> record has no
> image loaded, the correct action is taken, and the image is
> inserted into
> the record.
> Next time round, and PS each Animal record, can have multiple pictures
> linked to it in my app, he thinks he can just drag and drop
> .. this time an
> image is displayed, and it will insert, but actually will
> "correctly" just
> edit the picture that is displaying.
> Do you see my dilemma?

Can you popup a dialog that askes whether they want to add a new image or
replace the current one?

Or, perhaps you can have them hold down CTRL plus drag and drop to indicate
they are adding a new image to avoid the popup?

Obviously if there isn't an image to replace then it will just add the new
image and not prompt.

Jason Wharton