Subject Re: [IBO] Generators don't increment anymore
Author Martijn Tonies
> > i have a database from several time.All worked fine.
> >
> > i have downloaded the last evaluation of ibo.
> >
> > Now the generators don't works anymore.
> >
> > Any clue, please?
> Yes, use the firebird-support list and read the replies to your
> original question.
> Martijn Tonies
> Martijn, ALL the replies I have had from firebird-support are
> of NO help to me.You talk about strange things
> Only one fact:
> I have a db which has worked for years.
> Switching to the evaluation IBO 4.8.7 no works anymore.
> Not INSERT proper generators numbers, only zero.
> Please if You could help, ok
> elsewhere don't reply... thanks
> No offence, however.

Well, IBO has NOTHING to do with SERVERSIDE generators
and triggers.

So, you can try reading AND replying to the firebird-support list
so that perhaps we can try to get an understanding of your problem
and give you clues.

Martijn Tonies
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