Subject RE: [IBO] IB_JPegImage - Dragging Image from Win explorer and dropping on IB_JPegImage
Author Adrian Wreyford
I cant aggree more Helen, but the situation is a bit more complex.

The End user is browsing his data, on a form.

On this form there is a IB_JpegImage.

Currently there is no Image loaded for this specific record viewed.

Usually we would put the dataset into insert mode, thus I added the
Updatebar for the IB_JpegImage specifically.

The dialogue to load image would come up, and they load the image, and post

But now the user notices, that he can drag, and drop from External source ..
this is much easier, than browsing for the image in a dialogue.

The first time he or she adds an image this way .. ie the record has no
image loaded, the correct action is taken, and the image is inserted into
the record.

Next time round, and PS each Animal record, can have multiple pictures
linked to it in my app, he thinks he can just drag and drop .. this time an
image is displayed, and it will insert, but actually will "correctly" just
edit the picture that is displaying.

Do you see my dilemma?


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Of Helen Borrie
Sent: 17 December 2007 10:16 AM
Subject: RE: [IBO] IB_JPegImage - Dragging Image from Win explorer and
dropping on IB_JPegImage

At 06:33 PM 17/12/2007, you wrote:
>OK .. I played with the code of the actual component, and they have a drop
>handler for External controls:
>I modified the code to place the dataset into insert mode, and this works
>for me.
>Wouldn't this be the preferred reaction?

No. Usually, if one is editing a record, one wants to edit the record. If
one wants a new record, one goes to Insert mode.

If you don't want a browsing interface to put the dataset into Edit mode
automatically when the record is modified, then set the AutoEdit property of
the datasource to False...


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