Subject Re: [IBO] TIBOQuery: Can't get SqlOrder.add to work: Correction
Author Helen Borrie
At 11:58 PM 16/12/2007, Mitch Landor wrote:

>I'm using FB 2.0.0. Would you generally recommend that I upgrade to
>IBO 4.8 given that I am only using the TIBO TDataset compatible

Ah, your database is still ODS 10 then. ;-)

Fb 2 is a full release, not a sub-release. (And TIBODataset vs. native IBO is not the issue! Ask Martijn.)

FWIW, I would never "generally recommend" sticking with a data access interface that was written before your database engine version existed. When you upgrade to a whole new version of the DB engine you've got a migration task that certainly affects your application code and may also affect your PSQL code, CHECK constraints and other stuff in your DBs. Hopefully it's easy for your case...but there's usually more to it than just installing the binaries and going with the flow.