Subject RE: [IBO] Update and IB_DSQL what am I doing wrong?
Author Svein Erling Tysvær
Changes that doesn't stick sounds like a rollback. Check your IB_Transaction(s) and the IB_DSQL.IB_Transaction property.


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Subject: Re: [IBO] Update and IB_DSQL what am I doing wrong?

Thanks, Alan:

Like I said maybe I'm missing something very basic, so I don't mind at all.

What I mean is that I'm updating, i.e. changing a single small int field
on a single record with a specific PK. Then I do that again, through a
user initiated event--a popup menu click-- to another single record,
with a completely different PK and the first record loses it changes,
but the second (assuming I don't do a 3rd record update) remains. My
question is how do I keep that first record changed, then apply (i.e.
reissue an update for another record) the second change, and so on?

The various usual methods are not working. What I finally found that
kind of works (although still not acceptable) is to have the user select
all items (tree nodes) first then apply a looped batch update for all
items. The first time of applying this batch, it "holds", all successive
batch updates seem to miss a single item, and in a batch update it looks
like its consistently the LAST item updated which is missed, which is
opposite to doing single updates, serially, in which the LAST item remains.

What I find scary about this is how many other places in my code is this
happening, too, and I just never looked close enough at the data to see it?

Finally, it doesn't matter what method I use to "Update", the result is
the same. (e.g. using a SELECT, EDIT, POST sequence).

Thanks, I appreciate any help.