Subject Re: [IBO] Update and IB_DSQL what am I doing wrong?
Author Chuck Belanger
Thanks, Jason.

That allowed me to use ExecuteDML(), but it still didn't allow serial
updates. Still only the last update is actually kept in the table. I
tried many things and none really helped.

If I run the same UPDATE code in IB_SQL, DSQL section. It works fine and
allows for multiple serial changes.

I'd like to get to the bottom of this, but I spent about 12 hours
working on this and although weird, its not a show stopper for my
program I'm trying to finish.

(BTW, its my first one that already has orders for it and most important
to you, once I start selling it, I'll will officially be in a position
to buy IBO. Before this, my work has been non-profit stuff. I've been
using IBO Trustware for about 5 years now--and still feel like a newbie.)

My work around is simply to allow the user to select multiple nodes in
the tree and loop through all at the same time, making the appropriate
updates. All appropriate records get updated on the first time the
routine is run. But, when I try to add a successive or more batches of
selected node information into the table, there is always one that is

Thanks, again. If you have any other suggestions, I would appreciate them,

Chuck Belanger
>> 1. For ExecuteDML() there's a second parameter of type
>> PXSQLDA which I
> Pass in nil.
> Jason

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