Subject Re: [IBO] IB2007 "batched updates"?
Author Martijn Tonies
> > Does IBO support the new IB2007 "Batched Updates"?
> I don't know because I have not tested it yet.

Then probably not -- this is from the docs:

The InterBase client library now contains two additional functions to
batch updates: One function is used for immediate batch execution. The
function is used for execution of prepared SQL statements containing
With both prepared and non-prepared batch updates, the client application
explicitly commit or rollback changes caused by the batched SQL statements.
Batch updates will not work if auto commit mode is on.

The isc_dsql_batch_execute_immed Function
The new isc_dsql_batch_execute_immed function is used to execute a group of
UPDATE, DELETE or DDL commands. Its signature is:
ISC_STATUS isc_dsql_batch_execute_immed(ISC_STATUS *status_vector,
isc_db_handle *db_handle, isc_tr_handle *tr_handle, int dialect,
ULONG number_of_sql, char[] *sql, ULONG *rows_affected);

The isc_dsql_batch_execute Function
The new isc_dsql_batch_execute function supports batch updates for prepared
statements. This function allows you to batch the data used in a
SQL statement. The signature of the function is:
ISC_STATUS isc_dsql_batch_execute(ISC_STATUS *status_vector,
isc_db_handle *db_handle, isc_tr_handle *tr_handle,
isc_stmt_handle stmt_handle, int dialect, USHORT number_of_rows,
XSQLDA *insqlda, XSQLVAR[] *batch_vars, ULONT *rows_affected);

Time to hit the books Jason ;-)

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