Subject RE: [IBO] Firebird 2.0: Bug when re-using a TIBOQuery component
Author Jason Wharton

> > Hope this helps,
> This seems to fix the problem for now.
> One more question regarding EXECUTE BLOCK though, if it
> has a RETURNS clause, are these always to be returned as
> fields (select-able?), or also as output parameters?

In IBO native fields and output parameters are one and the same in the
Fields array.

In TIBODataset they likely will be considered output fields as well though
in my opinion they should be considered the same as if it was a stored
procedure because I anticipate that it is more like an EXECUTE PROCEDURE
call than a SELECT statement. Although, due to the API telling me that it
is a select statement does seem to conflict with the common sense of it.

Are you using EXECUTE BLOCK as a select for multiple records or as an
execute procedure?