Subject Re: [IBO] Disable Stored Proc?
Author Ed Dressel
--- In, Robert martin <rob@...> wrote:
> Hi Ed
> I have been following this thread and wonder if something like
> a flag field would do.
> I'm thinking that the Before update trigger looks at a field
> in the source table that indicates whether to run the SP or
> not (essentially a flag field).
> We have planned to do this in an up coming project.That way
> you could default the field to (Null) to indicate the SP
> is run but in the places you don't want it to run you load
> it with 'stop' value.
> Hope that makes sense and is of use :)

Yes, and thanks. Thought about it as an alternative--will probably
implement the condition on the stored proc, which will be a little
easier (only have to check in one place). Would much prefer to disable
the stored proc, even if Helen doesn't understand ;-)

Good day.