Subject RE: [IBO] IB_Grid SearchKeyByKey
Author Alan McDonald
> Make sure you setup the OrderingItems and OrderingLinks
> properties such that you use the POS attribute in the
> OrderingLinks property. This tells what character position
> the incremental searching should kick in at.
> So, for example, if you had a column ordered by last name
> this is how it should look:
> OrderingItems:
> NAME=MyTbl.LastName;MyTbl.LastName DESC
> OrderingLinks:
> MyTbl.LastName=ITEM=1;POS=3
> What you will have is upon the third character typed the
> incremental searching will begin. This is because it is
> going to automatically refresh the underlying query to start
> fetching records that are STARTING WITH those first three
> characters and then it will buffer up records as the 4th and
> subsequent characters are pressed.
> If you are searching for something with less than 3
> characters ENTER should go ahead and have it perform the
> search using what you have entered so far as an override.
> I have not exhaustively tested how well the incremental
> searching has been integrated into TIB_Grid so I would like
> to have you make sure to try using a separate TIB_IncSearch
> control as you learn and acquaint yourself with IBO's
> capabilities and then we can more clearly distinguish if
> there are issues with how the grid directly intereacts with
> the incremental searching stuff.
> Also, if you have columns that are integers, hitting return
> should do an exact match for the number entered. If you have
> numeric ID's that are all the same digits then you can set
> the POS attribute to that amount so that when an integer is
> entered it will perform the search once all digits have been entered.
> Hope this helps.
> Jason

FWIW - I've switched away from inc searching in the grid and swapped to the
IncSearch component. The grid searching is very slow because it pulls all
the rows across to locate the record. The IncSearch does a re-query based on
the search key which means it re-queries only enough rows to re-fill the
grid buffer.