Subject Re: IB_Grid SearchKeyByKey
Author jackmills75
--- In, Helen Borrie <helebor@...> wrote:
> You need to line up 3 ducks, not one. :-)
> 1. Set an OrderingItems entry for the column Tag_No, e.g.,
> <another ordering item>
> ByTagNo=RelationOrAliasName.Tag_No
> So here, if ByTagNo (user-friendly name) is the second entry in
OrderingItems, it is OrderingItem # 2 (we count OrderingItems from 1,
not 0, just to be confusing!)
> 2. For when you want the Tag_No column to be the searched column,
set the OrderingLinks to be
> RelationOrAliasName.Tag_No=2
> 3. ...and set a SearchingLinks entry so that, when that column is
the OrderingLink, the component will know which field its search
parameter has to match up to:
> RelationOrAliasName.Tag_No=:Tag_No
> I'm using "RelationOrAliasName" as a placeholder for the table
qualifier - the relation name or the alias name, in case you've got a
joined set. You'll need to use whichever one you used in the SELECT
statement. Not needed for a single-table query.
> As Alan advised, pull up the SearchingLinks example and see how
it's done.
> Helen

Thanks Helen.
I'm starting to make progress, but not quite getting there yet.
Following your guide I can get the grid to search on Tag_No but not
on the other 2 columns, Code & Name all 3 columns are in the Disc
If I want to search on say Code what are the setting for the 3 ducks
(I'm just entering directly into the StringList at the moment)I've
tried various combinations but will only search on Tag_no.
I notice that I must press enter after the number entered i.e the
grid doesn't scroll to the 1st number entered, is this the way it