Subject Re: [IBO] UTF-8 handling
Author Martijn Tonies
> > When I use FieldByName ('xy').AsString, IBO will usually deliver
> > whatever it gets from the Client Library (Trimming rules and
> > OnGetString applied before). So when I specify WIN1252 as the Client
> > Character Set, then AsString will deliver a Windows 1252 string,
> > because that's what it got from fbclient.dll. Even when the field is
> > stored as UTF8 in the database.
> >
> > Is that all correct? Or do I have a misunderstanding here?
> I believe we are both correct and we just need to make IBO work for both
> our interests.
> I could create a little piece of code that checks the CharSet property
> a connection is made and look for a _RAW suffix (e.g. UTF-8_RAW) and
> the _RAW when passing it to the server but making it so that IBO didn't do
> any default transliteration. Thus, you would get the raw UTF-8 character
> data in the AsString property.
> Any other ideas?

Add a hook in TIB_Connection/Session that allows the user to do a custom
transliteration instead of the default IBO one?

IMO, fiddling around with the characterset names isn't exactly the nicest

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