Subject RE: [IBO]Desperate for D6 Help
Author Paul Hope
Hi Jason

> > > I had made a change to TIB_Grid which looked innocent enough but
> > > removing it removed the problem.
> >
> > No change to the grid is innocent... just ask Jason. I
> doubt if there
> > is any visual control in the system that has caused as much
> trouble as
> > the grid.
> Yes, and that is owing to the fact that it is the most
> complex base class to inherit and try to use in a sensible
> manner. That is why I started working on the TIB_Ledger
> control. I recommend trying to work with it as it is all
> from scratch and there isn't the guesswork of trying to
> coordinate with TCustomGrid.
> Jason
I had a quick look at the TIB_Ledger and it doesnt seem to support embedded
controls so I'm probably stuck with the guess work.

Anyway I will send you another demo to have a look at now I've got round the
previous problem.