Subject Re: [IBO] TIB_Script
Author Helen Borrie
At 05:16 PM 28/10/2007, you wrote:

>> Hmmm.
>> Testing seems to indicate that creating foreign key contraints
>> require previous DDL to be committed. "Object in use" ...
>No, I do exactly this kind of DDL with TIB_Scripts for years now.
>"Object is in use" is not a matter of committing, it's rather caused by
>a second connection to the database.

Umm, no, Luc. "Object is in use" means that a DDL request cannot be satisfied "for some reason related to the keys". So, not having the script running with exclusive access will throw this exception....but so will attempting to reference a foreign key constraint to an uncommitted PK or unique constraint key. The latter has never been possible in IB or FB and it still isn't.

Somehow, I think your "luck" over the years must be related to using an autocommit transaction for your scripts...but using "client-side autocommit" (AutoCommit true) isn't recommended for DDL, anyway.