Subject Re: [IBO] QuickReport print
Author Thomas Steinmaurer
Hi James,

> Helen Borrie wrote:
>> __.
> I have been away and only got to try this today:
> >Just try it! :-)
> >
> >Set up the two datasets - the native one and the TIBOQuery, with
> >identical SQL and parameters. Create all the TField objects at
> >design-time and do whatever you want to do to set up your QR object.
> >
> >At run-time, first open the native dataset, get it loaded up with the
> >data you want, call the AssignSQLWithSearch method of the TQuery and
> >open that; create your QR object and run!
> >Helen
> B.I.N.G.O!!! Works like a charm! I must have been the bluntest tool in
> the shed!

Beside the AssignSQLWithSearch, you might also want to consider
assigning the Ordering* properties to the TIBOQuery as well. So you will
get the same ordering as in the native database.

Best Regards,
Thomas Steinmaurer
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