Subject Re: [IBO] Re: An Old Newbie
Author Leo Mozachi
Helen, thanks!

I setup a brand new machine, from the scratch and it works!!

Thanks for your tips!



2007/9/10, Helen Borrie <helebor@...>:
> At 04:21 AM 7/09/2007, you wrote:
> >Helen and Roger, thanks for your time. I mean it.
> >
> > >you need to put this in the Units list wherever variants are used.
> >This seem to be true.
> >
> >Before I posted this message, some units I wrote myself had the same
> >compiler error message.
> >So, I added to these units the 'Variants' clause and the compiler stoped
> >complaining.
> >
> >But since the .IMP IBObjetcs files do not have a uses clause, I dont know
> >where to add this reference.
> >I think this could be the way..
> >
> >Any ideas?
> OK, now that we know you are using 4.8.7 in your IDE, we can be sure
> that something is wrong with your environment if you are getting
> error messages related to the .IMP files you quoted. They don't
> exist in 4.8.7.
> (For the record, in versions of IBO prior to 4.x, the source code
> units used to be partitioned out into .INT (interface), .PBL
> (published) and .IMP (implementation) sections that were consolidated
> at compile-time with includes. Now, only a handful of the forms
> units remain in this format.)
> Implementation sections do have a uses clause but, regardless, the
> IBO units already have any uses clauses for VCL units they need. The
> variants entry will be needed in your own units, though.
> I think your best plan would be to totally uninstall IBO 4.8.7 from
> your system and start again with a totally clean install. After
> running the uninstall using Add/Remove programs, go around the
> system32 and $DELPHI\Projects directories delete any IBO4--
> files. Delete the IBO4 directory and recreate it empty. Check in
> your Registry whether you have some artifact there from IBO3 that is
> pointing the Delphi 7 compiler to the old IBO3 paths...etc.
> Then, when you re-run the installer, make certain that you have ONLY
> Delphi 7 checked on the selection list that appears prior to the
> compile. (If you want to install IBO4.8 in Delphi 5 later, you
> can...just don't let the installer try to do both at once!!)
> Once you have a clean install, you will *still* have some remaining
> issues trying to open a Delphi 5 project in Delphi 7. Pay attention
> to the messages that appear the first time you try to do that.
> Also, if you installed Delphi 7 from an original distribution CD,
> make sure you get updates 1 and 2 from the Codegear site. The Build
> No. (on your Help..About dialog) should be 8.1.
> Helen

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